Why Restricting Your Eating Time Period To 8 Hours Will Transform Your Health & Fitness

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*Edit Feb. 12 2015: I added a list of studies supporting the benefits of IF at the end of the article, be sure to read further for more information.

Intermittent fasting can provide many important health benefits, including improving your insulin/leptin sensitivity, helping your body more effectively burn fat for fuel, increasing mental clarity and overall energy levels, and more. 

For years I agonized over finding the diet, eating schedule, and workout routine that best suited my goals and lifestyle. It took up a ton of mental energy and time. However, it didn’t matter what I tried or how enthusiastic I was about a new plan of attack for my diet and fitness, sooner or later I would fall off track for various reasons, with much disappointment.

I tried the ‘six small meals a day’ plan, I tried a 100% whole-food diet, I blended, I chopped. I tried numerous workout plans as well, but nothing seemed to be truly resonating with my body. I found myself lethargic most of the day, sick of always planning my meals, and frustrated that with how much effort I was putting into planning my diet and workouts, I still wasn’t seeing or feeling the results I had hoped for.

But this all changed when I discovered intermittent fasting (IF). I had heard a few things here and there, but I’d never fully entertained the topic.

After reading about the incredible health benefits of IF, something finally clicked within my brain. Call it my intuition or my ‘aha!’ moment, but something was telling me that this new approach to eating and fitness was the one I had been waiting for.

Why So Many Struggle With Their Weight

As Dr. Mercola explains,

The reason so many struggle with their weight (aside from eating processed foods that have been grossly altered from their natural state) is because they’re in continuous feast mode and rarely ever go without a meal.

As a result, their bodies have adapted to burning sugar as its primary fuel, which down-regulates the enzymes that utilize and burn stored fat. Fasting is an excellent way to “reboot” your metabolism so your body can start burning fat as its primary fuel, which will help you shed your unwanted fat stores.

Once your insulin resistance improves and you are normal weight you can start eating more frequently, as by then you will have reestablished your body’s ability to burn fat for fuel—that’s the key to sustained weight management.

The amount of research around fasting and particularly intermittent fasting is growing exponentially. Let’s explore what the research is saying.

How & Why Intermittent Fasting Works

One 2013 review found a broad range of therapeutic potential in intermittent fasting, even when total calorie intake per day did not change, or was only slightly reduced. Studies included in the review produced evidence that intermittent fasting may:

  • Limit inflammation
  • Improve circulating glucose and lipid levels
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve metabolic efficiency and body composition, including significant reductions in body weight in obese individuals
  • Reduce LDL and total cholesterol levels
  • Help prevent type 2 diabetes, as well as slow its progression
  • Reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Improve pancreatic function
  • Improve insulin levels and insulin sensitivity
  • Reproduce some of the cardiovascular benefits associated with physical exercise
  • Protect against cardiovascular disease
  • Modulate levels of dangerous visceral fat

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20 Alkaline Diet Recipes to Boost Energy And Lose Weight

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The human body wants to be balanced, and for us a balanced pH level is slightly alkaline. The scale ranges from 0 – 14, the lower end of the scale is acidic, leaving the higher end to be alkaline. The perfect spot for our bodies is 7.30-7.45. How do we incorporate alkalines into our diets?

We Don’t Need Chlorine

An alkaline-diet helps you get up and go in the morning. It boosts your energy without a crash, and you feel more naturally awake in the morning. It’s also nearly impossible to lose weight if your body is over-acidic, which most of us are.

So I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of alkaline soups, salads, sides, snacks, and meals. Try as many as you’d like and share your favorite with us on Facebook.


Alkaline Carrot and Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms help neutralize stomach acids and carrots are a great source of B-vitamins, and other minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. Plus with a wonderful colour, texture, and taste, how could you say no to this soup?

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Keep Your Heart Healthy at All Times

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A Healthy Heart

Many people take things for given. There are those that just recognize a point’s worth when its value depreciating or totally gone. Take for example one’s health and wellness.

Some people do not work hard to take great treatment of their physical bodies until it’s far too late. Some individuals only start to fret when they experience getting ill and feeling weak. This is why the objective of this blog post is to inspire everyone to start taking care of one’s self as very early as now.


Image source: http://worthydiet.com/


My Health By Nature as stated in among its article the essential duty that diet plan plays in the development and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This info is based on a number of researches conducted by numerous individuals across the world.

 According to a study, it was found that people who eat diet low in saturated fats, with plenty of fruits and vegetables have 73 percent less risk of cardiac disorders than people who eat animal-based diet. Research shows that there is a strong correlation of abnormal blood lipid levels with risk of heart diseases. A new study shows that Mediterranean diet can be included in your healthy heart diet plan. The Mediterranean diet that is rich in Fruits, Veggies, whole grains, Olive Oil, nuts, beans, herbs & spices, legumes and Seafood is much healthier for the heart. Focus on veggies, fruits, grains and nuts make the food extremely healthy for heart. In Mediterranean diet, meat and sweets are consumed less often. Also, the use of cheese, poultry is in a much more moderate manner.


By now, you are currently mindful that the food selections we make could have a considerable influence on our lives. This is the reason it is extremely advised for everyone to have a heart-healthy diet regimen by making clever food choices. One have to discover the fine art of substituting food products that are harmful for one’s physical body with more healthy choices. One of the most effective way to battle cardia diseases is to consume even more vegetables as well as fruits!

Vegetables and fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits are also low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. Vegetables and fruits contain substances found in plants that may help prevent cardiovascular disease. Eating more fruits and vegetables may help you eat less high-fat foods, such as meat, cheese and snack foods. – Mayo Clinic (Heart Healthy Diet: 8 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease)


If your chaotic timetable will certainly prevent you from preparing a healthy meal, you could constantly decide to reduce veggie and also fruits after that position them in your fridge. Through this, you could conserve more effort and time on your part. Just make sure that the vegetables and fruits that you are going to make use of are always fresh.

Watch the video clip below to find out the various other tips as well as tricks on exactly how you can boost the health of your heart. Based on the material of the video clip, “Reduced cholesterol and also eating the best foods are a significant perk to the heart diet plan.”.


Don’t bother with this sort of disease. Merely remember that we now know a lot of things on just how we could prevent heart attack. It’s clear that healthy and balanced consuming as well as living (like exercising more!) could make a big distinction.