Save Our Water

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Save Our Water Blog Post

Water and our everyday habits are inextricably connected. With 2014 being California’s fourth driest year on record, there’s a renewed focus on this precious resource. Here are some easy ways you can help conserve at home.

Load the Dishwasher

Most newer, efficient dishwashers use much less water than washing by hand; make sure it’s full to get the most out of your water.

Use It Twice

When you rinse produce, save the water to put on your plants.

How to Pick Healthy Condiments

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How to Pick Healthy Condiments Blog Post

We lined up the usual suspects—mustard, ketchup, mayo and relish—and took a closer look at the nutrition stats of our favorite burger and dog toppings. What we found: it’s easy to rack up sodium and overrun your 2,300 mg daily limit (plus some extra calories and sugar) when you use a heavy hand with the condiments. Here’s what to know before you stock up for your summer BBQs.